Why You Should Learn
Motion Graphics

Becoming a motion designer is one of the best decisions I have made. 

I earn more money and I have fun doing it. As a graphic designer I did not realize how much money I was losing by not offering motion design services to my clients. People will actually pay you more to create motion design than they will pay for a static design. 


I realized other designers are making the same mistake I made so I created this course which will help you to learn all you need to know to start making amazing videos and increase your earnings.

I know a lot of people are a bit skeptical about online learning which is why I took my time to describe and explain everything I do in each lesson. With this online course you can learn at your own pace, go back if you miss something and you will always have access to the content.

You also get a certificate at the end of this course. Awesome! 

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What you will learn

This course will help you understand and learn how to create motion design in After Effects. You will learn the following: 

– The basics of after effects 

– How to create stunning ads 

– How to import and animate vectors from Illustrator 

– You will learn how to create logo animations

– How to use transitions to enhance your videos

– How to create a video from start to finish in after effects

– Useful tips on how to start earning as a motion designer


Course Requirements

You should have Adobe After Effects and Illustrator installed so you can follow along with the course lessons. 

This course is for beginners and assumes you don’t have any experience with the program.


Who is this course for

Beginners looking to learn motion graphics

Anyone looking to improve their videos

Graphic designers and web designers

Motion graphic designers and video editors 

Youtubers and vloggers 

Course Content


Getting familiar with the work area

How to animate using Keyframes

Motion Blur and Keyframes

Animating text and using text presets

Creating your first animation

Creating an animation with vectors

How to create a simple slideshow

How to create text on path



Time Stretching and remapping

Animating along a path

Using Transitions in After Effects

Masking in After Effects

Creating logo animations

Creating an intro and logo animation

Animating using the puppet tool

How to create an audio spectrum

Some useful plugins

Exporting in After effects


Music and sound effects

Helpful tips for working on a project

How to make money as a motion designer